Follow the Exhibition menu to visit the Blast Future gallery and view 27 works of 青鷺 Blue Heron by Robert Bellamy on display. It is the first time such a large selection has been exhibited and made available for purchase.

A smaller selection of 青鷺 Blue Heron works will be on display at Homū from the 11th until the 17th of March 2024 in Basel, Switzerland during the decentralized KONOMI Festival. Fresh off the press 青鷺 Blue Heron A2 Poster & Postcard Set is available for purchase. There will be a brief presentation and Q&A with artist Robert Bellamy at Homū, 4PM on March 16th 2024. Come see the works IRL (in real life), we are looking forward to your visit.

Blue Heron '青鷺' 2013 - Blast Future

青鷺 Blue Heron @ Konomi Festival 2024 in Basel, Switzerland

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